Here is a place where people who are interested in taking over Libravatar can coordinate.

Please leave some contact details so that others can reach out to you.

Can we get some statistics about the service now? Both in terms of the infrastructure (assuming infra support won't continue) and in terms of what is required to keep it going? Do we know how many avatars are served? stored? etc? (

I second this. I would like to see this service keep going if possible. How many servers are currently in production and what is the monthly cost to host them? I have over 15 years experience as a server admin including time in the hosting industry and would love to contribute. Email is

Proxience and I, Frédéric Lehobey, are willing in helping keeping Libravatar running. Email contact is


As of 2018-04-03, the storage requirements are:

  • Application server:

    • 1 GB General Purpose v1 Rackspace cloud server
    • Number of user accounts: 6655
    • Number of unique avatars: 6919 (355 MB)
  • Static image server:

For the month of March 2018, the traffic looked like this:

  • Application server:

    • Bandwidth: 328.31 MB
    • Hits: 43,823
  • Static image server:

    • Bandwidth: 18.99 GB
    • Total hits: 11,191,373
    • Redirects (to Gravatar): 9,605,127

The cost for the month of March 2018 was $70 USD:

  • Cloud Bandwidth: $13.50
  • Cloud Servers: $56.84

Basically I'm willing to help to keep this service up & running and would like to contribute a VM or some disk space and bandwidth by running a mirror. No Django experience though, but slightly able to read Python, but no programmer at all. Contact me at or @ingoj on Twitter.

DO would be a good place to move this service. A couple of $10 droplets could easily handle the load. The question is who would you want to own the servers?

DO also ( I believe ) will contribute resources to open source projects that request it.

Has anyone formulated a plan at all to update Libravatar to Python 3 and migrate away from unsupported libraries?

I have setup a new repo here: to modernize/rewrite libravatar to use the latest available tooling. Please concact me if you would like to help.