Obsolete: this page refers to the pre-2019 Libravatar service.

Libravatar's images are automatically served by a network of mirrors (through DNS round-robin).

Thanks to Kai Hendry for the idea. We're hoping to implement GeoDNS once we have a few mirrors outside of Europe.

List of mirrors

To get the latest list of mirrors on a UNIX machine, run:

dig cdn.libravatar.org

for HTTP IPv4 mirrors and:

dig AAAA seccdn.libravatar.org

for HTTPS IPv6 mirrors.

Become a mirror

If you have a server with some spare disk space and bandwidth, please consider supporting the project by running a mirror.

At the moment, it consists of installing a Debian package which takes care of setting up Apache and receives regular updates via rsync. You can take a look at the "initial setup" step in the technical information below.

Please contact mirrors@libravatar.org for details.

Technical information