mail domain

The hosting of the mail domain is kindly provided by the project (contact: via sumpfralle).

Only mail forwarding is configured. There are no real mail boxes.

This mail domain ( is only used for administration within the project.

In contrast, email handling related to libravatar user accounts originates from, which is documented in mail delivery.

Existing mail addresses

Development / services

local part destination
accounts dev@
admin dev@
dev clime, ofalk
dns clime, ofalk, sumpfralle, tleguern
mirrors dev@
security dev@
social clime, nipos, ofalk
support dev@
tls dev@
webmaster dev@

Mail hosting

local part destination

Personal addresses

local part owner / destination
clime clime
falko ofalk
francois fmarier
niklas.poslovski nipos
ofalk ofalk

Personal mail addresses

Members of the project may ask for a personal mail address within the domain.

How to request a mail address

Please send a request to the mailinglist.

Mail addresses are only used for forwarding mail to external addresses somewhere else. There are no real mail boxes configured for the domain.

How to send a mail

If you are the recipient of a mail address, you may also went to send mails from this address.

In this case you need to configure this mail address in you mail client and use your regular mail provider for submitting these mails.

The SPF policy attached to the mail domain is relaxed, in order to allow submission via arbitrary mail exchangers.